Xotic P3 Kiskadee Yellow

Xotic P3 Kiskadee Yellow is a bright yellow colour and is inspired by the vibrant yellow plumage of the Great Kiskadee from Brazil. It is a glossy TPU polymer-based film which is a result of intensive research and development, combining state-of-the-art technology with innovative thinking, practical knowledge and experience. It is formulated to provide crystal clear clarity, whilst providing better scratch and mar (abrasion) resistance, better UV resistance, better chemical etch resistance, and better self-healing properties than any other PPF product – all this, whilst providing unsurpassed gloss and slickness.
COLOUR DISCLAIMER: Please note that the gloss, matte and colour effects will vary depending on on-screen and printer settings. We cannot guarantee that film gloss, matte and colour will exactly match the gloss, matte and colour you see on screen or when printed. If you are in doubt, please contact a Stockist near you.
Social media is a key method of communication between our Stockists and their customers. Please insert links to all your social media platforms.
*MOQ order volume applies

Key Requirements

We are an expanding international company with a unique business model developed to actively support our commitment to our Stockist, whether you are an Exclusive or Authorised Dealer. Xotic PPF as a brand name exemplifies quality materials and is well recognized and respected both nationally and internationally by installers, which is why our process for selecting Stockists is rigorous.

What we’re looking for:

We are always looking to appoint Stockists in most countries throughout the world that are passionate and enthusiastic about PPF and wrapping for us on a range of motor vehicles. They should run a creative vehicle wrapping business, whilst having the characteristics to be expected in a competent professional.

Knowledge of style is essential – a Stockists’ site should be stylish and offer inspiration. Wrapped vehicles should be curated and work with other items in their shop. We are keen to embrace a wide variety of design styles. Xotic PPF Stockists’ businesses are all individual and we love that each one has its own style.

Sharing knowledge and educating is a major part of the Xotic PPF brand; Stockists must be keen and able to run workshops and demonstrations for their customers. Stockists need to engage with their customers and be accessible to them – a shop must have conventional shop opening hours and a team that are trained to give advice and provides knowledge. All Stockists should actively use social media and should understand the importance of doing so. We have a very strong relationship with our Stockists and spend a lot of time supporting them and helping them to grow.

Passion for our products and what they can offer is something that we look for in all our Stockists. We consider many factors when looking at prospective Stockists, including geographical location and proximity to existing stockists.

The Key Requirements to Become an Xotic PPF Stockist are:
  • You must have a retail location.
  • Your shop must be open and trading in order to be considered. Applications lacking an address will not be considered.
  • You must be able to accept the first order of stock upon application approval and we ask that stockists also maintain a minimum levels of stock at all times.

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